When the Dead Come Calling in Dreams!


Do the dead reach to us in dreams?

Type into Auntie Google “communication with a deceased love one” and you’ll retrieve over 5.6 Million links so judging by the Internet interest on the topic it would hardly appear to be an unusual phenomenon. However communication with the dead is largely dismissed by Western Cultures as fantasy, impossible, or in some way unnatural, maybe even unholy. For those that dare speak up about their experience they risk carrying the stigma of being branded as fragile or just plain bonkers (and by the way I am not fragile).

A few years ago I attended a Robert Moss Dream workshop three days after the death of a favourite Uncle. Although we had not seen much of each other in the last few years his passing was significant for me; and I guess more so for him.

During the workshop we set out on a journey to meet the dead and even as Robert was still introducing the exercise I found myself in an old-fashioned Mini Cooper speeding around narrow English country lanes until I reached a lake and there sat on some low rocks on its shore my Uncle skimmed stones across its surface. He was now in perfect health and in his mid 30’s, very contrary to his age and health at the end of his earthly life. We chatted a while and he made a specific request for his funeral. Since then, on occasion we meet in dreams and we share a thought or two to try and help each other in our respective worlds. Each visit commences in an improved and souped-up Mini Cooper and upon each arrival my Uncle greets me excitedly with the same question “So what do you think of the modifications?” I guess once a happy car mechanic always a happy car mechanic.

So why do we meet the dead in our dreams. My notes from the workshop highlight three reasons. Firstly the dead can still be around; either because they are unaware that they have passed or they have some unfinished business to attend to. Secondly they like to come visiting, wouldn’t you? It can be for a multitude of reasons; cordial visits, precognitive warnings, or other reasons including making visits with the same intention as they used to when in this life. Thirdly we often meet them when we travel into different realms in our dreams and journeys; sometimes we might go directly to where they are now and sometimes to places where they are also dreaming.

If you want to know more on the topic I highly recommend the following book by Robert Moss “The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead“.  Click and you will be right there on the Amazon, that great river of knowledge, as it meanders its way through your residual income).


I see it like this ; When the dead come walking through your dreams one has a choice to make! Do you follow those footsteps or do you simply dismiss them as a concoction of an overactive or maybe tired mind. I suspect that if the visits are from loved ones the decision might be easier, but what if it’s dead strangers tiptoeing or stomping their way through your nighttime adventures.

Well, one thing life has taught me is that if you can run in the opposite direction then you probably should!

..But when the dreams continue and the dead appear to join forces; well what then?

Earlier this year I had a period where people unknown to me started to turn up in my dreams. It turns out that they were dead, known personalities but I must add, at the time they were not consciously known to me, yet they were of suitable historical note to allow identification. All of them lived in the early part of the 20th Century. Three of them had been British Soldiers either in the Boer War or WWI. Two of them knew each other very well as teacher and student. They called upon me in indepedent dreams. I suspect that they knew the third soldier either in this life or in their current enovironment, but I have not been able to support that with my research to date. The fourth, a little known Czech composer seems at this point not to be related in any way to the others but as Active Dreamers know, everything is connected.

It’s certainly not the first time I have encountered deceased characters from history but it is the first time I have been pursued from one dream to another in a collective effort. The end result of which is that it seems I have been requisitioned to complete the autobiography of the orchestrator of these visitations, who was unable to finish it himself.

He made it clear to me that I was not his first choice but added that it’s often hard to be heard from the other side.

It was delivered in a very matter of fact manner; followed by a comedic pause; and an ever so slight giving away of a smile. This is going to be fun!

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