Individual Consultation

Would you like to know more about what your dreams are telling you? Having trouble remembering your dreams?  Would you prefer to explore Active Dreaming privately? Having difficulty getting clarity of purpose? I can tailor individual sessions to your needs.

Private Group Sessions

Would you like to host a private group dreamwork session for your friends? Would you like to give your friends a unique gift experience? Do you like your ceature comforts and would prefer to try dreaming in the comfort of your own space with your friends?

Active Dreaming Public Groups

Are you ready to experience the power of Dreaming in groups? I hold regular public sessions on Active Dreaming. These are either general programs or themed programs where we explore a specific aspect or purpose of Active Dreaming.


Benefits of Active Dreaming

Dreams have always had power! In our modern busy world we have forgotten how to listen to them. Active Dreaming gives you a tool to start exploring higher levels of awareness and can guide you in matters of health,  of purpose, in creativity, with your past and with your future and also with those that have passed.

Your guides are waiting to help you reach for your part in the greater story.

What can you expect?

Most Dream journeys are conducted with the help of a buffalo frame drum.

A comfortable position is adopted and our logical brain is invited to leave the space for the duration of the drumming. The drum beat changes our consciousness and allows us to travel to other levels of awareness. It is in these spaces of expanded consciousness that magic happens.


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