Seeing Things

Our youngest son, Robert, started to get regular fevers every four or five weeks. Him being the second child we were not the nervous parents that fussed over every ailment with our first son. However the fevers were persistent and at some point we decided to consult our Doctor. We were referred to our local hospital who naturally had the need to conduct various tests. As I am by nature a Scientific type, the hospital tests were of course accompanied by my own internet medical research. I seemed to have found a match with a syndrome termed PFAPA (Periodic Fever, Aphthous Stomatitis, Pharyngitis, Cervical Adenitis). There’s been relatively little research into the syndrome but it is not life-threatening but can be a major disruption for a child and a family for a major part of a childs early life.

My wife and youngest son stayed a period in hospital for more tests and I stayed home with our eldest son.

Everytime I visited the hospital I became more and more frustrated and angry with the situation and in particular with the hospital who seemed to be using our son as a guinea-pig and getting no nearer to a diagnosis or a remedy.

During the subsequent visits after he was no longer staying in the hospital it was better that I waited outside rather than my anger overflowing in front of my family and making things worse. It was during one of these visits standing and waiting with my eldest son when it began. Some construction workers who were renovating a part of the hospital were leaving via the main entrance. The man at the front of the group was tall in his mid fourties and dressed in his Working overhauls. I cannot really tell you any more details because I was seeing something else. A large blob of grey morphous material seemed to be visible around his upper abdomen, clinging around his chest and particularly his lungs. One of the workers following behind had a lighter grey mass around his head that seemed to start from his nose. This continued for the duration of the hospital visit. I can’t adequately describe my feelings but I was at first curious but once I had made the connection that I was in some way seeing illnesses I became extremely uncomfortable.

After consulting a few people including my wife I decided to take the advice of rejecting this ability (if that is what it was). The seeing of grey blobbiness ceased. It was many months later while on a tram in the city center when it happened again. I immediately rejected it there and then.

Our son’s fevers stopped when unbeknown to me my wife contacted a faith healer. My story would say that he was instanly cured but my wife would most likely tell you that the healing had only just begun. That same healer informed my wife that I have the ability to heal. What I have dicovered through dream work and other work is that we all have the ability to heal if we would only listen to or observe the messages we receive.






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