Help Along the Journey

As with every journey, there are parts that must be accomplished alone and there are parts where you need the help of others.

My journey to Dream Teacher has involved many hours of dedicated solo work but it has also incorporated many hours of support and guidance. The majority of that support and guidance can be attributed to one man, Mr. Robert Moss. I already touched on my first encounter with Robert in my very first blog post “A Woman’s Intuition” but that was only a part of that first meeting.

At the very end of the session having experienced the angry bear and seen myself back in hospital as a very sick child I fealt that it was the right thing to do to go and thank Robert for a quite unexpected and revelationary experience.

I made my way across the room towards him as he remained seated. I could see he had me in his gaze. As I came to him he said “Always great to have a good man on the course.”  I was taken aback as I had no idea how he would know my name. I hestitated, curious, and then asked how he knew my surname. Robert allowed himself a mischievious grin and said “Oh! That’s what they mean!”.

I apologised that I was not booked on the rest of the weekends workshop but he calmly informed me that that’s OK because I would be on the Dream Teacher training the following Spring. In the context of what I had just experienced this all all seemed perfectly explainable and I never questioned it’s unusualness.

Robert is a larger than life character, a storyteller of magnitude, and a man who walks and works between the worlds at will. Despite the great demands on his time I have found that he was always there to encourage, guide or explain the many experiences and sometimes doubts upon my journey to Dream Teacher. I consider him to be one of my This World Guides and as they say in his country of origin, a mate.

Then there’s the spirit guides. These includes versions of our higher self, our animal familiars and some regular visitors. The indigenous American, Crow Feather is a repeat visitor for me. He’s spent time showing me healing ceremonies and explaining his view on the dream worlds. I also have one Celtic regular but I will save that for another blog entry. I also know that my Uncle Geoff who crossed is also available should I need some view from the other side.

Then there’s other guides trying to catch our attention to give us important information. Robert describes these guides as having a Costume Department where they will try out various different attires in an effort to get our attention. I even once had Ronald McDonald’s wife pay me a visit in a floating castle. She was a very straightforward woman who advised me that all of Ronald’s menu was “not food” she actually used the word “crap”. I have never been a fan of McD in general but from that day onwards I even gave-up the occasional Egg McMuffin.

So dive on in to Active Dreaming and have some fun and excitement while your guides reach out to try and help you.

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