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Why do I teach Active Dreaming?

My Journey to Dream Teacher came from very unexpected roots.  I spent a large part of my working life in Finance Leadership roles in Multinational Corporations but thanks to one of my employers sending me on a Personal Development course at an early point in my career, I realized the important elements of performance are people and that numbers are secondary. Initially my thoughts were that the answers to our success lie within the power of our thinking.

This lead me to become a life coach which in turn lead me to the world of emotional intelligence. Emotions being key messages that can help us know ourselves, choose ourselves and ultimately give ourselves.

Then our youngest son got ill and unexpected events started to happen. I started to see things that I could not explain. You can read more about that in the blog section or down below.

Ultimately it lead me to a Robert Moss seminar and Active Dreaming. This merely confirmed to me what I was already starting to see; that everything we need is within us; maybe on different levels of consciousness but also that what's within us is actually within all of us.

My Vision

A wise teahcer once told me that Australian Aboriginees believe that the Big Stories are hunting the right person to tell them.

I hope through Active Dreaming to bring more people into contact with their Greater Story and with that the realisation that they are part of the Greatest Story.


Three Parts of My Story

Below you will find three of my blog entries that give you some background on my journey to Dream Teacher.

I hope you enjoy it!

There's always place for a woman's intuition and sometimes even for an angry but well intended bear.

When our youngest son fell ill with Periodic fevers, our world changed and a series of unusual events challenged my beliefs.

Any transition is better with the help of a guide. I have many; some like Robert Moss from this world and some like "Crow Feather" from a different time.

Adventure & intrigue

Are you ready to bring more of yourself into your life? Ready for discovery and adventure? Ready to face yourself?