A Woman’s Intuition

My journey to becoming a Dream Teacher is at least in part my wife's fault, or more correctly put, down to her incredible intuition.

She came to me with her laptop and showed me a digital pop-up flyer.

"This keeps coming to me but I am sure that it's a message for you!"

"Robert Moss? Never heard of him!" was my reply.

From here the facts, per se, are not so clear but the version I recall is that my wife later informed me that I was booked on to the Friday evening of a Robert Moss 4 day seminar.

I rushed from my daily corporate existence to get there on time. The room is already full and I don't really know what I am attending. I have put my trust in my wife and as I look around the room I am beginning to regret it. I don't fit in! I am there in my office clothes among varying degrees of casuals.

Robert enters the room. He is not as I imagined. Smartly dressed and with a headful of thick grey silvery hair.

"Right let's get to it."

We are then told to assume a comfortable position, close our eyes and relax because we are starting tonight's journeying.

He picks up a drum, utters something about ancient hi-tech and beats a quick paced rhythm, In all honesty I am not sure what's going on but I am laying there with not much happening. I lift my head slightly to take a look around and ascertain what others are up to. Without exception their eyes are closed. I wait for something to happen, my mind skipping merrily here and there wondering what's about to happen, but absolutely nothing is persisting.

Then I start to hear chanting. Is Robert chanting? I take a sneaky peak and he's not. The voices seem to be coming from the drum. I think about the oddity of that and then continue with my waiting and that persistent nothing. Still waiting and waiting. A further awkward, almost painful period of absolutely nothing other than the repetitive quick beat and choral chanting of the drum and then BAMMM!

I have the jaws of a very upset Grizzly Bear directly in my face. After the initial shock and feeling of terror my intuition insists that I need to cajole the bear into calming down. After a degree of marginal success he delivers the message "We keep telling you and you are not listening!" before teleporting me back in time and away to a bed in a quarantined section of a hospital as a sick child. I had life-threatening meningitis when I was very young.

I will not share the whole experience here but I was never the same. I signed up to Robert's 3 year Dream Teacher Training program and curiously he already seemed to know that I would.

Why do I teach Active Dreaming? It simply matters! We have forgotten what's important to us both as individual souls and as communities. Dreaming helps us to remember. Active Dreaming helps us align with our purpose.


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