Active Dreaming

In modern Western societies dreams are still viewed as the results of the mechanations of one's own subconscious and as being passive and personal. This in itself may be useful and revealing. However whenever we look to indigenous cultures around the world dreams are places we travel to and almost never alone.

Through practice and technique, everyone of us has the ability to actively access those dream journeys and bring back information that can help us with our purpose, with our health, with our creativity and with our life in general. We can actively journey into the future, or into the past or even into parallel worlds or existences. We can journey into the realms of those that have passed from this world and make closure or just ask for guidance from our ancestors. We can choose to make these trips with our spirit guides (familiars) or even with other dreamers.


emu dreaming yankirri jukurrpa
emu dreaming yankirri jukurrpa

The Discipline of Dreaming

We all have within our grasp a source of guidance and intuition; that most of us leave to the haphazard chance of recalled night dreams; but to those prepared to decidate to practice Active dreaming they become the tools with which we navigate our life.